Audio Responsive Lines 2

There were a few problems with the first responsive lines that I did. Mainly related to visibility. For the lines I decided to make their visibility based on the audio spectrum as well as the volume, so sometimes they vanish altogether when they shouldn’t.

I have mostly fixed this now, it does still occasionally happen but not too often and in general it responds to all audio better than it did before. It is more sensitive overall.

There are some changes to the rotations as well so now there is more variation in how the lines appear, including the illusion of a horizon, so there is a lot more randomness to it.

I have also gone through and added in notes to make it easier to figure out what does what later on, also so anyone looking at it can figure it out relatively easily.

The Quartz Composer file, responsive_lines_2.qtz is available here.

It requires input via the built in mic in Macbook’s or iMac’s. It can of course be changed to accept audio input from the microphone-in, or line-in on Mac Pro’s or Mac Mini’s. With the right plug-in, it can also accept input from iTunes.

The most ideal is via line-in or microphone in as this gives the most control over what exactly the graphics are being synchronised with. However, using the built-in microphone means that no extra accessories are required.

Note that this was done using  Quartz Composer in Leopard.

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