Audio Responsive Particles 3

I have changed a few more things in my audio responsive particles again.

One of these changes is the way that the colours are generated. Now there is much more colour variation and a lot more of the smaller particles are coloured as well instead of just being grey. For the best colour variation, music with a large audio spectrum is much more rewarding than music with a small spectrum.

I have also changed the math for the size controls for the particles. The changes allow them to be bigger than they could be previously. The audio volume is multiplied by 2 and then divided by 4. Previously it was divided by 8.

This time around I have also named most of the patches so that they are more easily recognised as well as grouping the related patches and encompassing them with a note about what the group does, so as to make it easier to figure out what relates to what.

The responsive_particles_3.qtz file is available here.

It requires input via the built in mic in Macbook’s or iMac’s. It can of course be changed to accept audio input from the microphone-in, or line-in on Mac Pro’s or Mac Mini’s. With the right plug-in, it can also accept input from iTunes.

The most ideal is via line-in or microphone in as this gives the most control over what exactly the graphics are being synchronised with. However, using the built-in microphone means that no extra accessories are required.

Note that this was done using  Quartz Composer in Leopard.

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