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KKB211 – Computational Arts 2

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Last semester this blog was focused on my ongoing computational arts development for my uni work as part of the KKB210 – Computational Arts 1 subject.

This semester, I am moving on to KKB211 – Computational Arts 2, so again, this blog will be used as an online portfolio of my development in the area of computational arts. The aim is to develop a series of works by the end of the semester that can be used as exhibition pieces as part of a computational arts exhibition at QUT Kelvin Grove.

It will also act as a process diary to help my keep track of my development and help me filter out the not so good works so I can focus more on the ones that are worth pursuing.

KKB210: Computational Arts 1 – The Blog Portfolio

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

As part of the first tutorial for KKB210: Computational Arts 1, we were required to setup a WordPress based blog to use as a portfolio of our work throughout the semester.

Of course, we are allowed to use any blogging platform on any server that we choose, such as Blogger or, however we are provided with access to a MySQL database and web server to setup WordPress on and that is the recommended option since it provides all the functionality we need that the hosted solutions at Blogger and either don’t provide, or don’t provide as easily.